Who created GreeNoodle?

The Creator of GreeNoodleMr Sho Oga

Mr. Sho Oga

Before I began working with agriculture, I was working for a company in Japan that produced health supplements. During that time I encountered moroheiya – an unusually nutritious vegetable, that attracted a great deal of my attention.

Moroheiya, also known as the “King’s vegetable”, is rich in vitamins, minerals, and fiber. However, it had been rarely eaten in Japan or throughout the world. Although I hear some supermarkets carry it now, it is usually limited to the summer months, and generally people are still unaware of the existence of moroheiya.

The company manufactured and sold heath supplements; some including nutrients derived from moroheiya, but wasn’t interested in selling moroheiya itself as a vegetable. However the market for supplements is limited – it’s not for the youth, children, or healthy people…

I racked my brain to think of a product that would appeal to any age group. Something both children and adults could enjoy. My conclusion was noodles. People of all ages love noodles. Also, noodles are not just for Japanese style or Thai style cooking. There are many ways of cooking noodles: noodles with soup, ramen noodles, cold noodles, chow mein noodles, spaghetti noodles, noodles for salads, etc. Noodles are wonderful foods with universal appeal.

That is why I made up my mind to develop moroheiya noodles. So I quit my job to start an organic agriculture business that would offer safe foods to people while protecting and taking care of the environment.

Today I am proud to present to you the fruits of my hard labor. I put my heart and soul into perfecting this delicious health food. I wanted to make sure my noodles had the best combination of chewiness and smoothness. After years of frustrating trials and errors, I am finally rewarded with the invention of my dreams.